My weekend

My weekend was awesome. My dad bought a pool and a waterslide. We also played a game called Marco Polo and we played it for like three hours. we also went on a trail that my house has and my brother and I went into our creek and played a game.When my dad got the waterslide and the pool we used it immediately the waterslide was awesome and the pool was meh 😒. In the game marco polo the people who played were my mom Stephanie my brother Massi my baby brother Domenico and me.My mom kept on being it because she didn’t want to play so whenever my brother or me were it we always tried to get my mom 😂.On the trail the people who went are the same people.(my mom was a scaredy-cat and I think the baby was the bravest 😂 👨🏻‍🚒)When my brother Massi and I played in the creek we played who could stay in the creek the longest.And of course that was me.I guess he was afraid of the bugs and the mushy mess might have got him nervous to.Of course my brother thought there was bugs but I always check 😆 😖 😣. Here are some photos and a vid.





I got my bike when I was seven. It’s pink with black orange and white super lame.since I still have it and since it’s been a long time it doesn’t look like pink anymore it looks like white so that’s even more lame. i’m usually the one in the family that goes and gets the mail and since of course I love riding my bike I ride my bike to the mail but when I get to the mail where do I put the mail in especially when we get those little boxes it will take me like an eternity to get back home. and guess what since I haven’t gotten a new bike it’s too little for me now so it’s even harder to ride. I want to get a new bike that has a basket is big enough for me does not wobble and it’s not a light color I mean dark yellow would be fine. do you want to see my old bike here’s a photo.and this is a bike I might want to get so I hope I get it because I can’t live with a bike I can’t ride on and that looks like white with black with orange that’s just bad with a little bit of pink do you people not understand the love that I have for bikes I can’t live with mine!

The baby-sitters club

there are eight books in the series of the baby-sitters most of you will say no there are only seven books. But there’s a new one called Logan likes Mary anne it’ll come in September now I will show you pictures of all of the books.
this is book one.




this is book two




this is book three




this is book four




this is book five




this is book six




this is book seven




this is book 8 it’s new it will come in September

these are all the books I’m not sure if the eighth book will come in September but online it does say that.I think it will be delayed a bit because of the virus that is happening right now. these books are really good .The old and the new. if you read the old books then it’ll be a spoiler alert for the new one there are some things that they changed in the new books but they’ll still be a lot of similar things from the old books to the new books. if you like a new series to read you’d like this one it’s really good so I really recommend it to you.


My spring break was amazing. Not like anybody else’s. I stayed at home. Now you might be thinking how can staying at home be amazing. But it was. I went shopping a lot with my family. At a mall called Crabtree Valley Mall.

I saw a stuffed animal called pusheen that was like 50 inches long. The mall was very cool. I also played with my brothers. Even though they’re little they actually kind of fun to play with. But I the little one kinda always ruins my game I don’t get how my bigger younger than me brother can play with him I mean maybe I should just do baby stuff but I don’t want to. I wanted to hang out with my sister but I know how she’s like she would ignore me the whole time so I didn’t do that.I washed of course with my brothers my parents cars but my parents also helped too but my mom kind of just stayed on the driveway watching us but it still counts right. For me it was kind of like a pool except on land and with less water we got really wet. My dad sprayed my mom and it was really funny you should’ve seen it.I hope your spring break was amazing to.






Funko Pop

Funko pop is amazing. I’ve always liked them and always have asked for some. Their amazing because first of all their really cute and they can come in different shapes, things and they have different characters here is some examples.

I might know what you’re thinking. THIER SUPER CUTE!!!!! And guess what theirs more! Now that’s unbelievable. But it’s true. But on the other hand you might be thinking USELESS.I mean I already told you that their is different things and if you want to see them here are some examples.


Now with these photos  you should be convinced.And if you’re not well then you’re not.(sigh) NOW these are some thoughts that people in my family think about funky pops.COUSIN-I think that their cute and everything but its funny only for a while then it’s kinda boring.(don’t listen to him)Mom-Useless and cute but you can use it in room decoration and in that part I would like it.(OK?)Brother-Their cool because sometimes their funny.(what? OK)ME-Their amazing and you should totally get one.(yay me)Now this is what people think of them don’t listen to the first two thoughts. Hey maybe you should go to amazon and get some funky pops.NO I MEAN  IT GO NOW.


You might be thinking why choose it’s so dumb. But i’m telling you about this because it’s awesome. You can find almost anything now I said almost. You can search clothes, art supplies, toys, home decor and more. If you were me you’d be on the electronic for like almost forever.

You’d also be surprised that you’d have like fifty or more things in your cart.

But i’m sure you’d like not being the parent at the time it would be stressful swiping your credit card. Well anyways you’ll enjoy it.And if you have prime you’ll get your things like in three days or less. But there is one thing that you might not like sometimes they don’t have the brand or color that you want so that’s stressful. But otherwise I think it’s ok. But always remember to search good things not bad because who knows what might come up, oh and remember to spell correctly.Well I hope if you go to amazon follow these rules correctly and because I told you these things you should me something(I like art.)Oh and if you want it use your cutest eyes and beg.

So I hope you go to amazon soon.

My Family

I want to tell you about my family. I have three siblings and two parents.

My moms name is Stephanie and my dads name is Robert, and those are my parents. My sister the oldest and is called Giovanna my brother is after me and is called Massi and my youngest sibling is a boy and is called Domenico. And that’s my family’s names.

One of my family’s favorite thing to do is when a new movie comes out and we wait till red box has it.

Another thing that my family likes is parties. One thing that my mom likes to do is go shopping.

One thing that my dad likes to do is to play soccer. One thing that my sister likes to do is complain about 300 dollar shoes.

One thing that I like to do is draw. One thing that my brother likes to do is watch TV. One thing that my baby brother likes to do is scream and talk a lot.

Something that my family all hate is getting sick. One thing that my mom hates to do is watch TV. One thing that my dad hates is cheese. One thing that my sister hates is meat. One thing that I hate is sea food and soup.

One thing that my brother hates is when he loses in uno. Last but not least is my baby brother and what he hates is being ignored and that’s my family.



Ecuador is an amazing place now you might think im going to talk about how life would be or its historic places but NO.Im going to tell you about its meals and its food, its delicious!Now something weird is that you might think that the order of the meals we are used to here is the same as over there but no.The order over their goes like this breakfast ,dinner and lunch.For breakfast you’d have (maybe not but mostly) eggs with ham and cheese and a sandwich, it would look like this.

For dinner you’d have (maybe not but mainly)soup and rice with a type of meat it would look like this.            1st entre                               2nd entre

And for lunch you’d have(maybe not but maybe)shawarma it looks like this

It might look like a burrito but its not trust me.

Now its time for the deserts!!!Now there are a lot of deserts but I will name the most delicious deserts I know.Tango looks like this

manicho looks like this

galak looks like this

amor galletas looks like this

menta glacial looks like this

Now some people would think that these candy on the back would have how much calories it is and the nutrition facts.But on these candy instead of how many calories it has, they have it like this

azúcar means sugar and grasa means fat and sal means salt and remember if you go to ecuador bring me some candy.



Duck D vs Krispy Cream D

A few yers ago my family used to buy Kristpy Cream donuts and I LOVED it and when I say loved I mean it .I especially loved the pink frosting with rainbow sprinkles donut  this is a donut that looks like it

But then one day we bought the donuts and I started eating mine then we entered a hiway and I felt like I was going to barf .And when we got home I thought that the donut was DISGUSTING and when I say DISGUSTING I mean it so in a couple of years I haven’t had a donut until… my dad bought a new company’s donuts called Duck Donuts their company Syble looks like this

I didn’t want to try some but I tried a donut called cinnamon donut it was covered in cinnamon of corse and it looked like this

It was delicious and when I say DELICIOUS I mean it.So one day I tried again a donut from Krispy Cream and I didn’t eat it in the car but I ate it at home and it was horrible so I would recommend Duck Donuts a million more points than Krispy Cream donuts.

Nailed it vs Sugar Rush

This Month I have been watching great baking shows.I have been watching things like Nailed it from Netflix and Sugar Rush also from Netflix.The difference between the shows is that the bakers in Nailed it are horrible bakers and in Sugar Rush they are SPECTACULAR bakers let me show they cake difference.

Nailed it.


Sugar Rush

Another difference is that in Nailed It there is only three people and no teams.Sugar Rush has four  teams with two people in one team.Another difference is that in Nailed it people will not get disqualified and in Sugar Rush one team will get disqualified each round of baking. A similarity is that they both have a special guest every episode. And also they both one main girl judge and one main boy judge.The girl judge is Candace Nelson and the boy judge is Adriano Zumbo in Sugar Rush the host acts like a judge when he’s not.The judges in Nailed it are Nicole Byer and Jacques Torres.l love these shows a lot they teach me a bit about baking and sometimes crack me up.

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